How to Stop Snoring Using Home Remedies

Natural Remedies to Stop Snoring

Snoring is normal! However, when the snoring is excessive, it can be very disturbing for your partner or even, in extreme cases, your neighbors. It is therefore important to solve the problem so that everyone can enjoy what should be given to everyone: have a good night’s sleep and sleep better! Here are some tips and tricks for you to solve your problem and finally stop snoring … or at least reduce your snoring!

  1.  Sleep on the side
    Sleeping on the back, the soft tissues of the throat sag, simply because of gravity. This makes the passage of air more difficult and, once again, it will cause the sound of snoring. Sleeping on the side, you will avoid this sag.

    However, it can be difficult to keep the same position during the night, especially for those who are used to sleeping on their backs. If you can not change this habit after several nights, there is a technique as simple as crazy: it consists of sewing a tennis ball on the back of a t-shirt, which you will use as pajamas. The discomfort will remind you to order every time you try to sleep on your back!

  2. Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed
    Alcohol tends to increase the risk of snoring. It relaxes the muscles and tissues associated with the airway in an exaggerated way, which will make the passage of air more difficult. This is what will cause the sound of snoring with each breath.

    It is, therefore, best to stop drinking alcoholic beverages for at least two hours before going to sleep. Alcohol causes muscle relaxation of the airways. It is better to avoid eating before going to bed!

  3. Exercise
    Overweight is one of the main causes of snoring. Indeed, it causes an increase in the volume of the tissues of the throat. By pressing the airways, they then prevent air from passing correctly. Result: with each breath, the air that happens to pass produces a sound, which is nothing but snoring.

    To reduce the size of throat tissue, it will, therefore, lose weight. In some cases, only a few pounds will be enough to say goodbye to snoring.
    Obesity is a factor that increases your chances of snoring excessively. Fortunately, physical activity will also allow you to have better nights sleep. It is a good practice to integrate exercise into your daily life.

  4. Clean your room from top to bottom
    Allergies (for example, dust mite allergies ) can cause congestion, which can in turn cause snoring. Why not clean your bedroom from top to bottom to help with your snoring problem?
  5. Use a humidifier
    If you suffer from nasal congestion, you probably spend the night snoring. When needed, use a humidifier to adjust the humidity level in your bedroom. And why not add eucalyptus, a plant known for its help to the airways?
  6. Stop smoking
    If you are a smoking smoker, you may want to think about quitting … to stop snoring! If you are not able to stop, at least reduce your smoking in the evening to stop snoring.
  7. Avoid sleeping pills
    Sleeping pills can help you fall asleep, but they also cause relaxation of the muscles of the airways. This is a good reason to find other ways to sleep better when possible.
  8. Consult a specialist in sleep disorders
    If our tips do not work, you may need to see a sleep specialist. Indeed, certain conditions require the wearing of a device during the night. Do not hesitate to consult if you feel the need. You may also have sleep apnea.
  9.  Unclog your nose
    With overweight, the stuffy nose is another major cause of snoring. You may have already noticed: a cold, and you spend the night snoring!

This is logical because congestion prevents the air from passing freely. And, as every time his passage is difficult, he passes by making noise. To avoid this, and to give you a better night’s sleep at the same time, remember to clear your nose before going to sleep.

If simple tissues are not enough, you can use peppermint essential oil. Simply heat a bowl of water and add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil in it. Then lean over the bowl, close your eyes, and breathe deeply through your nose until it is completely empty. You can put a towel over your head to make sure the vapors do not disperse too quickly. Also, be careful not to spend more than 15 minutes above the bowl.

Thanks to peppermint, all your airways will be unblemished. And if your throat is irritated, it will also help to calm the inflammation and deflate it.

Note that the use of peppermint is prohibited in children under 6 years.

Change your mattress

Finally, why not opt for a firmer mattress? An old recessed mattress could affect your sleeping position and cause snoring. Sleeping with the raised head may be to release a little pressure on the respiratory system so that the breathing feels easier. Raise the head of the bed by placing wooden blocks under the bed or the top proposal of your body with pillows (not just the head because it can actually prevent breathing).

Possible causes of snoring and their remedy

The only way to put an end to snoring and your sleepless nights is to find the cause of snoring and act on it . There are a number of natural remedies and also intrusive options like surgery. First, try out the non-invasive options and find out if they work for you or your partner.


  • One of the causes of snoring is obesity or obesity. You should encourage your partner to be eating healthily, best after following the clean eating principle, and regular sport to drive. In fact, both of you are good at getting in shape and eating a healthy diet. This not only reduces the snoring. There are many other health benefits that bring a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


  •  Smoking is another cause of snoring. It affects the tissue in the throat and causes it to obstruct air passage during sleep. Quitting smoking could already fix the snoring problem. Smoking does not offer a single advantage. Encourage your partner to end this unpleasant habit. It is really difficult to break this habit, but with endurance, effort, support from you, and in small steps, this vice can be stopped once and for all.


  •  Another way to stop your partner’s snoring is to make him sleep on the side. You will find that your partner usually snores when he sleeps on his back. This is because the soft palate, suppository, tonsils, and muscles at the back of the neck are more prone to collapse partially when lying on their backs. To remedy this, you can push your partner aside if he snores. It can be a small fight and you might be tempted to push him out of bed. Nevertheless, you should exercise restraint. Also get your partner a comfortable pillow of good quality that provides adequate support.


  •  If your partner’s snoring is the result of a stuffy nose, you should ask him to inhale steam before going to sleep. Depending on the severity of the condition, he may also need medication or nose drops to reduce constipation.


  •  Another option is nose strips. You could easily buy them online. Nasal strips work by keeping the nostrils open for easier breathing. Another helpful type of products is throat sprays. They coat the soft tissues in the neck so that the air can reach the lungs more freely. Get your partner to try these tools.

    These are just a few of the options available for treating snoring. You need to talk to your partner about the snoring problem and make him aware that it bothers you and that you want to help him assist you in his efforts to end the problem. Work together to find a way to stop snoring together. If you both work on it, you can do it.